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Conventional Loans

Provides the most flexibility to obtain the property of your choice. A conventional mortgage is a home loan that is provided by private lenders instead of governmental entities.


FHA Loan

Lower down payments and flexible qualifications. FHA loans make home ownership possible for those who don’t have a large down payment saved up and don’t have spotless credit.


VA Loan

For those who served our country, this governmental-backed loan qualifies Veterans without a down payment or a high credit score.



Since the cost of living and limited wages can make it difficult to save even a small down payment, USDA loans help people who don’t want to pass up the opportunity to own a home.


203K Loans

Supported by the FHA, this financial cushion helps borrowers deal with the high costs of remodeling and construction, and they can spread the costs of home improvements over the life of the loan.


Jumbo Loans

A home loan that exceeds conventional limits. Typically, with high credit quality and increased assurances on the borrower’s part to compensate for increased lender risk.


Bank Statements

These loans benefit the self-employed, or commission-based salary workers. Traditionally loans require paystubs and tax returns to verify income, bank statement loans however can get approved with good credit, a decent down payment, cash reserves, and by avoiding any negative marks on your statements.


High Balance

If a homeowner is having trouble finding a buyer, they can carry the loan on their home. Combined with the financing and down payment, the seller carry second can allow for the full purchase.

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