Home Purchase Steps

  1. Accepted Offer and Loan Processor Introduction

    Upon acceptance of your offer, we will contact you and review your transaction, confirm key amounts, and discuss upcoming steps. We'll also be emailing you weekly updates and important milestones, so you'll always know the status of your loan

  2. Loan Disclosures

    Your loan disclosures will be provided to you by email. We highly encourage you to contact us should you have any questions.

  3. Underwriting and Loan Approval

    Our underwriter will carefully analyze your loan application and issue a decision based on your income, asset, and credit documents. We'll collect and resubmit any additional supporting items required to issue your final loan documents.

  4. Closing Disclosure Acknowledgement

    Your "CD" will be sent to you via the disclosure Blend portal. Your immediate acknowledgement is required within three days (Saturdays will count) before you can legally sign final loan documents and close your transaction. The CD reflects your accurate interest rate and total monthly payment.

  5. Signing Your Loan Documents

    We will order your final loan documents and send them to the escrow officer to schedule a signing appointment in person with a Notary Public. We’ll also review the final CD and coordinate with you to confirm the exact amount of the remaining cash to close.

  6. Loan Funding and Closing

    Once loan documents are fully executed, they will be sent back for final review and funding. Loan funding typically occurs four business days after signing. We will send your loan funds to escrow and your escrow officer will provide notification that your transaction has officially recorded. We will send your loan funds to escrow and your escrow officer will be coordinating with the county to record your official ownership of the property.