Property Types

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Single Family

As the backbone of the real estate market, single-family homes provide comfortable living, more space, and the chance to make a wise investment for your future.


Because of a variety of factors, including HOA fees and legal issues, financing for a condo can be more complex. Our staff understands the condo market and can deliver excellent financing.


Offering comfortable housing, often in the middle of a metro area, a townhouse is a great way to balance the space and privacy of a house with the affordability and convenience of a condo.


If you need financing for an apartment, we can help. We understand the complexities of the apartment housing market and can use our knowledge to your advantage!

Manufactured Home

These properties can be just as comfortable, safe, and luxurious as any property, but you need the right team to secure affordable financing on these loans.

Mobile Home

Loans on mobile homes need to be structured the right way to ensure consistent financing. Many are supported by large government institutions like VA and FHA.


While not the most glamorous investment, land loans can produce high returns and passive income. An intriguing avenue to investing in real estate development.

Accessory Dwelling Units

One way to turn your single-family home into a multi-unit property is by adding a smaller, independent residential unit on the same lot. You can finance an ADU using a cash-out refinance, home equity, or renovation loans.

Construction Loan

If you need financing to build your dream home, construct a rental property, or for major additions to existing homes.


With a variety of regulatory processes and restrictions, financing for a Planned Unit Development, or “PUD,” can be more complex.

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