Property appreciation will increase its appraisal value once upgrades are completed.

Improve Your Home with Affordability

From your family’s home to an investment property, you can make the improvements you desire with a high-quality renovation loan. There are many fantastic options available, each one designed to help with structural repairs, updates, remodeling, and more!

FHA 203(k)

Created by the FHA to help borrowers purchase a home while funding improvements, these loans are available to borrowers who need to build decks, remodel kitchens, install new siding, or perform a variety of different renovations.

VA Renovation Loans

VA loans have some of the best qualification standards and loan details available on the market. If you are eligible, you can secure funding with little or no downpayment. You can not only make the purchase, you can fund vital home improvements.

HomeStyle Renovation Loans

Supported by Fannie Mae, these loans offer a simple path to renovation financing. They can also be bundled with HomeStyle loans for energy upgrades, such as solar panels and new furnaces, as well as low-down payment options.

Home-Equity Loan

If you already own your home and have significant equity, but need cash for repairs or upgrades, a home equity loan can help. Because the loans are backed by your home’s equity, you can often secure better terms.

HELOC for Renovation

Essentially, these are the same as a home-equity loan. However, they are not a single loan, but rather a line of credit from which you can withdraw cash when you need it. This is a great options for financing small-scale projects.

Investment Renovation

If you are purchasing a property that will enter your investment portfolio, these loans can help. By providing financing for the rental-property purchase, as well as the renovations, these loans can expand your purchasing options.


Fix-and-flip properties are a great way for a fast-turn around on your investment. Margins are thin, so you need a high-quality loan on these investments.

Cash-Out Refinance for Renovation

Homeowners with strong equity in their homes can also take advantage of cash-out refinancing. By turning equity into cash, you can fund remodeling, repairs, and renovations.